L R Horowitz

Photo: Oxana Solé

Linda Ruth Horowitz, was born in the United States.

Once a hard-core backpacker, Linda has traveled through 53 countries, including 21 years in Israel and three years on the African continent.

The author has worked for 20 years as a freelance photo-journalist in Scandinavia and other international medias, publishing freelance photographs and stories for magazines and publications.

Her photographs have been exhibited internationally.

See detailed CV:

Employment/Freelance projects:

2003-2011, Novel in process: ‘While the Sands Whisper’

1989-2002, Employed: Djembe Magazine’, Photo editor; coordinator

1998-1999, Employed: Denmarks Radio P3/P4:Music Dept, Digital updating of DR’s music collection

1988-2008, Freelance articles/photos, newspapers/magazines for the Scandinavian media.

1986-1988, Travel and residing as freelance photographer in 19 countries in Africa

1982-2010, Numerous travels to the Sinai Desert

1965-1985, Residing/working Kibbutz Degania Alef, Jordan Valley, Israel

Exhibitions: 2007 Solo Exhibition:
‘Whispers in the desert’, Denmark’s Photo Museum, Herning, Denmark

2004 Exhibition:
Five European photographers: ‘Born in Europe, New Identities’, National Museum, Cph, Dk

2001 Solo exhibition:
‘Among Danish Jews’, William Brenner’s Holocaust Museum, Atlanta, Ga.

1999 Solo exhibition:
‘Transfusion – Immigrant Women’s Danish Life’ Dk’s Women’s Museum, Aarhus, Denmark

1998 Solo exhibition:
‘Transfusion,’ – Immigrant Women’s Danish Life’ Dks National Museum, Copenhagen, Dk

1996 Solo exhibition:
‘Among Danish Jews’, National Museum, Copenhagen, Denmark

1996 Solo exhibition:
‘An African in Denmark’, Images of Africa Festival

1996 Photo-documentary book: ’Among Danish Jews‘, published by Photographic Center Press, Copenhagen, Denmark.


  1. Quite interesting reading. You have travelled a lot. 53 countries. impressing. Looking forward to read your novel.

    best regards Helene Jørgensen

  2. Linda Horowitz

    …thanks so much for your comment! Best regards, LR Horowitz

  3. I think that life of Bedouins is unknown for the majority of people. I am sure you have many interesting stories to tell … and beautiful photographs to show …

    Kind regards, Filip Zamorsky

  4. Linda Horowitz

    …thanks for your comment Filip. Yes, the Bedouin are Well worth telling the world about… Best regards, Linda

  5. You have a youtube channel?

  6. Linda Horowitz

    No, I still don’t have a YouTube channel, but thanks for the excellent idea… !
    Best wishes, Linda Horowitz

  7. Linda Horowitz

    …thanks for reading my excerpt and your lovely comment! Best wishes, LR Horowitz

  8. Linda Horowitz

    ….Thanks so much for your comment; yes, though my book is fiction, every attempt has been made for cultural accuracy. Best wishes, Linda Horowitz

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